The swarm grows…

A while back I posted this locust tattoo, that was done in tribute to a BME regular, Adam Aries. I, of course, referred to the locust as a dragonfly, because well I kind of suck like that. In fact, I am pretty sure, Adam had corrected me on that on more than one occasion,  but in my defense, rarely was I sober enough to comprehend such things while with Adam.

Anyhow, Ryan Oullette shot me this email:

The one (locust tribute tattoo linked earlier) you posted was from Pino Bros. Ink in Cambridge where he worked, but hasn’t been forgotten in Nashua, NH. Adam did his apprenticeship with me and we all miss him very much. We’ve been doing a bunch of locusts on his friends and family from around the Nashua area. I put up an album on facebook, you’re welcome to use any of them for modblog if you’d like. Adam’s original was done by Nick Kelley, all the recent locusts were split between Nick and Kevin McKeating (who used to be Adam’s roommate). I got mine on my kneecap.

All of the NH area tattoos can be seen on this direct link or by visiting the Precision Body Arts Facebook page , and Ryan’s kneecap is below. Aside from being a nice tribute it also showcases tattooing over scarring.

4 thoughts on “The swarm grows…

  1. Yeah aside from being a tribute tattoo there is something quite aesthetically pleasing about all these locust tattoos.

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