Passion & Ink

You may have noticed a lack of posts today. Rob was off dealing with some personal things today so he wasn’t able to do any posts. I hope this sort of makes up for the quiet.


This photo was submitted by the photographer, CHRISMDAY. I don’t know if this is a real couple or just something they did for a photoshoot but the passion sure looks real! I love the contrast between her colourful sleeve and his black and grey tattoos. I don’t have any information about the artists who did the ink otherwise I’d share.

Rob should be back with us tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Passion & Ink

  1. Cool photo. Well done body language, whether it’s real or posed. Nice and subtle; the only thing making it “passion” instead of “comforting” is the parted lips.

  2. Like the way here index finger is (just about) in the centre of radiating tattoo symbol…thing on his back as if shes a magic fairy or something…that and its just a really nice photo obviously.

  3. I like this shot, it’s intimate, it looks genuine without resorting to being vulgar or cheesy. I think her sleeve is bright and beautiful. There is nothing about this I don’t like.

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