10 thoughts on “On a Wing and a Peel

  1. The design is interesting, but the cutting (technically speaking) does not seem to be very defined (clean-cut).

  2. wow. i’m honored to be modblogged after being a member for such a short amount of time. thank you guys for the kind words.

    @pharmacist : this piece is over 2 years old, and neither of us is a big sports fan, so any similarities are purely coincidental.

    @dusk : thanks for the critique, i am always trying to improve.

    @san : any particular technical aspects you are concerned with, or is that just a general dislike for my work?

  3. Fucking moderation, posts my name anyways.
    I’ll admit, you are improving. It’s just not consistent.

  4. Lines are not matched and the geometrics are not geometrical. More planning is needed on the lay out.

  5. The inconsistent lines came out just fine in the end… This pic isn’t even the finished product of that particular sitting. And some of the work has been re worked and added to since this picture was taken over 2 years ago. I have had more work done by KCIR and am very pleased with the improvements in his techniques.

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