Hook Love

Here we have Stanislav and Elena in the final moments before she’s lifted up in the air for a 2 point resurrection suspension from the bridge that The Sinner Team uses so frequently.  The last time I posted a picture of Stanislav I had some requests to get a better look at his facial tattoos, so this should suffice.  You can also get a good look at Elena’s hand implant which has healed up really nicely.

And here she is high above the Russian ground.

Head on over the The Sinner Team’s gallery to see more photos of the two of them, as well as this suspension.

8 thoughts on “Hook Love

  1. You mistaked with the name, Rob. My wife`s name is Elena :)

  2. I’m not sure if that is in an implant on her hand. I think it might be a tattoo. Either way, it is pretty:)

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