6 thoughts on “Kickin’ it old school

  1. Can you please stop posting loads of pictures from Kipod Tattoo. From what I can see they’re pretty average. Surely there has to be a wealth of pictures from far more talented artists- Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrell, Cory Norris, Nick Baxter etc etc etc! Or the thousands of other tattooists that arent at Kipod.

    Likewise with the sinner suspension team. Its boring seeing the same artists all the time.

  2. agreed and stop posting non traditional tattoos as traditional.
    you would think a website that is supposed to be dedicated to body modification could identify a tattoo style.

  3. Not to be a dick, but that’s way more neotraditional than traditional or ‘old school’. Also, I agree with tahititoots’ post.

  4. tahititoots – Rob chooses photos from what’s submitted to the site. Throwing out a bunch of names doesn’t really do any good unless they’re actually submitting content to the site. I also disagree about them being average but that’s a matter of opinion with no right or wrong.

    It’s unfortunate that more shops/people don’t take the time to submit quality photos. The amount of webcam submissions makes me sad. I know not everyone has access to a good camera but even a brightly lit room in the day time makes a world of difference. So I suppose when a studio like Kipod consistently submits quality photos they’re what attracts the eye. But I also agree that variety is the spice of life and it’s unfair for Kipod, Sinner Team or anyone else to become the subject of annoyance because they’re posted too often.

    I do agree as well that this is more new school than old in style. I know people are constantly mislabeling tattoo submissions and sometimes I don’t catch it when I’m moderating though that’s not the case here as the photo simply went into Kipod’s portfolio.

    And really, a remark about the person you can’t see in the photo’s posture? Come on…

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