12 thoughts on “Thunderbolts and Lightning

  1. You know, you could be right. I figured it to be Zeus because of the 2 raised locks on his head.

  2. Dang it.. I’m seriously about to get this tattoo. Oh well, just because I won’t be the first shouldn’t mean I’ll love it any less. But now it will kinda feel like I’m stealing his.

  3. Side note: The reason he has horns is due to a mistranslation of the scripture. It read “rays of light” but when translated it read horns.

  4. i saw the exact tat on a guy from new york a few years ago and he thought it was zeus too, which sounded realy stupid to me, since it was on his hand, i told him about it and he almost killed me, he blamed me for ruining his life.

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