Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Looking through yesterday’s submissions made me think it’s time for another Tattoo Tuesday.  To get things started we’ve got a Pink Floyd inspired piece.  I’m really digging the perspective that Arad Bert chose for this particular tattoo.

Arad is one of the many talented artists from Kipod Tattoo in Tel Aviv, Israel.

6 thoughts on “Shine on you Crazy Diamond

  1. Not to repeat, but I think “dazed and confused” works as a better
    title. Led Zeppelin!

  2. There’s a single PF symbol there, the rest are Led Zeppelin. So he’s not wrong, just ill-informed. It’s hard being Rob.

  3. Pink Floyd is the first symbol. That’s the album art from Dark Side of the Moon, and the other 4 symbols are Led Zeppelin. Each symbol represents a band member, and they were used on the untitled album referred to as Led Zeppelin 4.

    The guitar is a Gibson Les Paul type. I’d go so far as to say it is, as it’s the Gibson headstock shape, and headstocks are copyrightable, but body shapes aren’t. The guitar type is more commonly associated with Led Zeppelin, over the Fender Stratocaster more commonly associated with Pink Floyd. Yes, I know I’m a music nerd.

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