We can’t stop here. This is bat country.

I swear, the first person that complains that this isn’t a damn near perfect copy of Johnny Depp’s face is getting left alone in Las Vegas, completely twisted on drugs, no cash, no story for the magazine, and on top of everything else, a gigantic god damned hotel bill to deal with.

Matt Kramer from Mind’s Eye Tattoo in Emmaus, PA is responsible for this brilliant Fear and Loathing tattoo.

5 thoughts on “We can’t stop here. This is bat country.

  1. That is an amazing piece of art!! My husband has an entire HST sleeve :-)

  2. I heart Hunter S. Thompson, may he rest in peace with a quart o rum and a .38. Hilarious!

  3. Love HST’s work. Actually had an argument with a 50+ year old woman at work last night as to why HST wasn’t a complete whack-job and was perfectly situated in the period in which he was writing, that to understand American history at that time you really need to understand what was happening in literature, of which HST was a huge part.

    I would much rather see tattoos dedicated to HST’s work and not to the film which is all the little drugged up kiddies care about.

  4. I completely agree it is spot on accurate, but sign me up for that good time anyhow.

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