19 thoughts on “Remember, Remember

  1. Vicariously vigilant victorious valiant V!!!
    I truly heart this one, above all others.

  2. @X, i was thinking the same thing. I always think of anon before V… haha.

    we should get a follow-up on this if possible.

  3. Jesus. I don’t usually care about body mods and even if I don’t like them can at least accept that the person does and it’s none of my business. But this is just moronic.

    A misspelled “misogynist/misogyny” to boot. Shame they didn’t get the scarification on the face so everyone can tell what a cretin they are without having to look at his stomach.

  4. @Crabs, unless of course it says “misoginia”. But it’s definitely smart to always assume everyone speaks English.

  5. Well I’m guessing the ‘misoginia’ above his crotch may be related to the ‘homo’ on his underwear.

  6. I think v for vendetta is one of the more refreshing movies that hollywood has done, and one of my favourite graphic novels, however: the tattoo over the crotch upsets me. If it means what I think it means, then it’s pretty awful. For the scarification itself I’m not sure if it looks weird being less solid I feel as if the outline of the mask should go all the way around but I think it’s just how I’m used to seeing it

  7. Hey Crabs, yeah… your name tells us why you’re so cranky. I’m sure they’ve got something for that at your local pharmacy.

    Anyway, perhaps the ‘misoginia’ tattoo refers to a specific period of this guys life like my ‘misanthropy’ one. It speaks of a time of my life that I’m currently exiting, re-learning to love the collective dross of humanity. relearning empathy, something I broke over the last five years. I don’t hate my tattoo, it reminds me of the past five years. Perhaps that’s what this person’s tattoo does, perhaps its a marker. Perhaps it’s not just a cutesy fashion statement like most tattoos on Modblog seem to be these days.

  8. Misanthrophy is generalized, there’s nothing generalized about being awful to women?
    It’s more the fact it’s at dick level, like if he hates women and his cock is his weapon of choice, I think it’s poor taste.

  9. Well, one thing is certain, the dude AND his artist both can’t spell. As far as I remember it’s misogynist. At least if you hate women so much, try and get it completely right.

  10. Wasabi – Only if the tattoo is in English. Given where the work was done I’m guessing the tattoo is NOT in English.

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