Guess What?

Over the weekend I had a couple of people request a new Guess What post, so you ask, and I deliver.  This one is pretty straightforward.  Where did this chunk of flesh come from?

No hints.  You’re going to have to guess.  I will tell you that it isn’t a fortune cookie.

Think you know?  Well there’s only one way to find out if you’re right…

And there you have it.  That big chunk of tissue is what was removed during a navel removal by Samppa Von Cyborg.  Samppa’s US tour is still going strong, and he’ll be in LA until the 16th of May, when he’ll move on to Arizona until the end of the month.  After that he’ll be heading up to Las Vegas until the end of the tour on June 10th.  He still has spot available, so if you’d like to get something done, send him an e-mail at [email protected].

In addition, Samppa and Steve Haworth will also be holding seminars in Phoenix and Las Vegas.  Head on over to Steve’s website to get all the details.

Oh, and it should be noted that the vertical scar was there prior to the navel removal.

12 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I will never ever eat steak Tartar when looking at BME. i promise.

  2. I’m kinda intrigued by navel removals, and could see myself getting one someday. What’s the common wisdom on the risks associated with such a relatively invasive modification?

  3. I knew this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can see its a belly button if you look close enough and I’m even on my phone so small and less detailed picture :) wooop!!! I win :)

  4. Is there any functional or internal part of a navel removal or is it all for the aesthetic of not having one?

  5. funny how the recipient of this mod was trying to keep the name of the artist hushhush on due to potential legality issues… but, BME seems not to have a problem with airing out that information for the entire world to see…

  6. Cris- I was told to keep my quiet about it, until he said it was ok to disclose that he did it. BME has nothing to do with it. After I was given the OK, I posted this mod while giving him credit when submitting the picture. All is good with the artist and giving credit where it is due.

  7. The remains look like bacon…or I just need to eat.
    Not for my likes, but intriguing nonetheless.

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