You must cross the river in order to continue

You may:

1. attempt to ford the river

2. caulk the wagon and float it across

3. take a ferry across

4. wait to see if conditions improve

5. throw some hooks and zipline across

What is your choice?

Leave it up to Arseniy to pick option 5.

Of course he had the help of the #Leeds Suspension team from St. Petersburg, Russia to help him out.

20 thoughts on “You must cross the river in order to continue

  1. This is fucking sweet! Ice always wanted to try zip-line suspension!

  2. That looks really exciting, & please don’t take this in a negative fashion. But the harness isn’t hooked to the shore, so as if the cable breaks he’s still going down the river, or more so in this case it looks if he seems to be stuck in the middle?

  3. Bradde, thanks for bringing this up. I was wondering the same thing. My main concern was the inaccessibility to him if something were to happen.

  4. I’ve wanted to do this ever since my feet hit the ground from my first suspension. There is a 1.5 mile zipline being constructed in my area that would be great for this. I can only dream for now.

  5. Bradde: When it comes to ziplines, most of the time you don’t have a cable going from the harness to one of the sides. The harness is only there for a hook failure. Although to be fair they do have a 2 line system in place, so if one does fail, there is a second line.

  6. Thanx for the info on the double zip line Rob,But like you said most of the time. & in this case he appears to be stuck in the middle. Both zip lines in the second shot seem to be bowing quite a bit and he looks to not weigh that much . I just thought he could easily be pulled to shore if the harness was attached to someone on shore.
    I guess my real point in this whole situation is the fact that we as a suspension community have an endless source of people that are more than willing to help with anything especially when IT COMES TO SAFETY. I just want people to ask around in the community to make sure things are perfect. I would love to try some crazy shit that I’ve thought of but you know what I’ll be making 20 different calls before I remotely attempt them.
    Again please, I’m not trying to be a dick, I just wanna see you come down safely.

  7. @Bradde: I looked through the rest of the photos in the gallery. While the lines are dipping from some slack, they are still attached at 2 different heights, making it impossible for him to be stuck in the middle.

  8. @Rob
    thanks for answering :))

    Yep, he’s right. two hard points were situated at different height, so the initial height (means potential energy, do u remember school physics lessons?) is enough to reach the other riverside.
    also, of course, first we did about 10 rides without hooks – just with rigging, to be sure that everything goes OK.
    after that we did it with hooks.
    #Leeds Suspensions are not those punks, who does extreme suspensions which are just “cool” but unsafe.

    Cheers, Andersson

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