Poked and prodded

We recently got a slew of photos submitted to the Hand-Poked Tattoo gallery featuring this amazing back piece.

Unfortunately no information was given about the artist, or where it was done, although there are several shots of the tattoo being done.

You’ll definitely want to check out the gallery for this one, as they documented everything from start to finish.

12 thoughts on “Poked and prodded

  1. Hey Rob, I’m only seeing the three finished photos in the gallery you linked…am I in the wrong spot?

  2. Madre de dios!!! Incredible!!! I can’t stop the exclamations!!!
    (okay, I can, but I really like this…total admiration of the ritual/dedication involved)

  3. The only problem with this kind of stuff is that it makes ANYTHING else look like lame prison tattoos you immediately regret getting or letting your friends get.

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