Hail to the King

Not just any king mind you, KingFrankWaits.

Not only does the King like nature.  He also likes going “Au Naturel”, as evidenced by the boudoir photo that you’ll have to click through to read.

This photo tells me that some lucky someone was in for a good night with the King.

19 thoughts on “Hail to the King

  1. not saying anything about him, but that second photo is really shitty quality for modblog. It’s about on par with a bathroom mirror picture if not worse. we can’t even make out any of his mods.

  2. I don’t have a problem with you at all; I just have a problem with Rob’s photo selection at times.

  3. I’ll try to put higher quality pictures up so he has a better selection for next time…hehehe

  4. Aww…I like the first pic, it’s like nature creeps in( think itsy bitsy spider)!!!
    The second is like “HRH does American beauty” and you cannot deny the appeal of a man with a hearty beard!

  5. Awww, c’mon…I liked the first pic, kinda like an “itsy bitsy spider” kinda deal. Then the second was “HRH is having an American Beauty”…besides, who can resist the charm of a hearty beard??? Vive le Roi!

  6. Haha this is great, i can’t help but smile. I don’t see anything majorly wrong with the photo resolution or such, and i don’t think the point is being able to see his mods as well as possible. They’re just a part of the pic.

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