Guesssssss what?


I am sure you guys can guess where this is going, but do you know what it is?

Why it’s a home made elastrator of course! When it comes to body mods, many would argue that castration is as extreme as it gets. Because it not only changes the body physically, but it alters it chemically as well. The men who seek this mod are often the most passionate about their mod and in often cases, such as this, the most ingenuitive  as well.




12 thoughts on “Guesssssss what?

  1. to bottle top is for placement and the cable tie is so you can pull the band off the skin so you can cut it, if you want to. i hope thats right ? thats what i would do.

  2. Y’know Elastrators are neither expensive nor difficult to acquire, right? I mean, I support the DIY mentality and have plenty of home-cooked goodies myself, but 10 bucks at Enasco is worth more to me than the time required to cut bottles and tubing. Also, Livestock supply catalogue! Those things RULE.

  3. That looks amazing! I want to find a cutter in L.A. But am unsure where to really look. I am bi and sub and either a male or female would be great! It would need to be someone who would not listen to my protests once they started and would not allow me a safe word. Bob

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