She’ll have to indulge for me.

Right now, I am sitting inside my house bitter and grumpy that the ice cream man just drove by but instead of running out the door waving dollars like a drunk, lonely man in a titty bar I stayed inside. I relunctantly decided, I’d be better off not eating that delicious junk food, because unlike this lovely young lady my old, bitter metabolism can’t process that sort of  sweet frozen orgasm.

Nope, lucky for Luckytcha she can indulge in this treat, have it melting all over her and still be hot.


Her tattoo was done by Uncle Allan at Ink Rat Tattoo in Tokyo, Japan.

3 thoughts on “She’ll have to indulge for me.

  1. Chicks licking anything is hot, regardless of whether it’s ice cream, lollipops, or other things. Add mods and a ‘tude and it’s off the charts.

    And more writing from Sean please. Rob’s writing seems forced, contrived, false. Sean has style and wordplay which is a pleasure to read. “…my old, bitter metabolism can’t process that sort of sweet frozen orgasm.”

    C’mon, now that’s authorship!

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