Where fine art and body art collide

La Negra is pretty much modblog royalty at this point, and  as such deserves to be immortalized as a work of art. As a community defined by taking artistic expression to the extreme by permanently wearing the art, it should come as no surprise many in this community are also involved in other forms of art as well. When one person can bring fine arts and body arts together, it is particularly appealing.


This particular work of art is a watercolor & pencil piece by Jennie Philpott.

15 thoughts on “Where fine art and body art collide

  1. Wow, comment #1 is rude. Sean shares someone’s art with us and the very first comment is something rude and not at all constructive?

    I shouldn’t be surprised given that this is the Internet, but wow. Wooow.

    I really like the colors in the picture, and I think it captures La Negra’s expressions and style very well.

  2. Yeah her main problems are the angles and proportions in the face. I still think she can draw- a lot of people have trouble with portraits.

  3. I like it. And like wow… I like the background colour and tones in the picture because it pushes the foreground out. I can appreciate how those who know more about art might be seen to be posting comments that might appear to be negative to those who who don’t much about the process of creating art, but in my eyes, at the end of the day it’s purely subjective & it’s fine to not know much about art but know what you like. And I like it. I’m sure the artist’s not losing any sleep over it.

  4. Art is subjective, and anyone submitting art to a website, whether it be body art of other forms of art should know that they are setting themselves up for criticism.

    That being said, I like this piece, especially the glass ear spiral thing-a-ma-bobbers and would be thrilled to have someone of this talent level wanting to paint me.

  5. i think its well done. Ask 20 people to draw La Negra and u will get 20 different styles of La Negra. That is art. Everyone puts their own little twist into what they do. I love the shine on the ear jewelery, in contrast to the dullness of her skin. Makes for a great look. :)

  6. Its such a cop out to suggest that art is suggestive. I sometimes think people look at Picasso’s work and think “hey I can do that” without understanding that he was also an amazing realistic painter. It is frustrating that there is entire art movement that seems to be dedicated to the philosophy that you don’t need actual technical skill as long as you develop a style to cover up the fact you couldn’t actually draw what you were trying to convey (example: hands/eyes/lips/ any of the other things that budding artists struggle with). Looking at it like that, you’ll start noticing a lot of this “art” with women is poses that conveniently hide their hands (usually up and behind the head, although the daring ones usually opt for some type of flipper-hand instead).

    All of that being said, I’d say this is an excellent effort towards becoming a great artist. There needs to be work on anatomy, perspective and lighting. This will come with years of figure study and tracing. The only way I’d have a problem with this is if it was hanging in a gallery with a massive price tag.

  7. I agree with CupCake x10000000000.
    When you’re trying to draw something photo-realistically you can’t use ‘style’ as an excuse for inaccuracies. Granted, it’s not terrible and the oil paintings on the site are neat, but as far as this particular work is concerned, I kind of expect something better from someone who has gone through art school.

  8. Thanks for the critiques guys. It’s a study for a bigger painting I’m planning, so I didn’t really try to make it perfect, I haven’t really used watercolor much either so it was kind of an experiment. I see where my mistakes are and hopefully the actual painting will be better. Anyway, thanks Sean and everyone else for your opinions, it’s always good to get exposure and hear what people think.

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