Happy Rapture Eve!

Well, with all the hoopla surrounding a small group of Christians who think the Big J is coming back tomorrow to take away the good ones and leave the rest of us scoundrels here to face the apocalypse, I felt it only fitting to go with a religious theme today.


Even though I am by no means a Christian, I have a long standing affinity for angels, I think watching The Prophecy a few dozen times too often may have led to this. This particular angel backpiece was done by Matt Kramer of Mind’s Eye Tattoo in Emmaus, Pa.

8 thoughts on “Happy Rapture Eve!

  1. Rapture and apocalypse jokes aside, this is an awesome piece of art. Both the tattoo and the original. Too bad about the massive flash-glare, though. Love to see it healed and not-shiny.

  2. Vitaly is an amazing artist, definitely got his permission before using this piece. Couldn’t have been possible without the skills of a talented tattoo artist. Thanks Matt.

  3. The collector actually sent a pic to the original artist when the tattoo was first completed.

  4. Hey Sean, I also love The Prophecy.

    I was pretty wowed when this came through the moderation queue.

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