Happy birthday Steve!

I know, I know, I said today was going to have a religious theme, but bare with me. Steve was the founder of the Church Of Body Modification, so it ties in.


Here he is with a client immediately after pointing her ears, a procedure he pioneered. As more and more artist enter into the realm of “extreme modifications” it’s becoming more and more common for people to know about mods he invented without knowing about him, and thats a damn shame. Well, except for the people who know him as “that guy from the wierd documentary on netflix”, which I have heard several times recently.

Aside from being the single biggest innovator in the body mod world, he is also a super nice guy with an amazing bedside manner, so take a second to wish him a happy birthday.

13 thoughts on “Happy birthday Steve!

  1. happy birthday steve. cant wait to see you at app in a few weeks.

  2. Happy Birthday !! Fellow Gemini- Mine is on May 22nd ! i Enjoy Your Work ! Have a Great Day ! -Denyse-

  3. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the great advances in the mod community! !

  4. I really found his intelligence and resolve comforting as I watched the film. In my ignorance, I admit I’d never heard of him before, but I have a whole new admiration for the work he has brought to our niche. To a true pioneer, maverick, and artist, happy birthday!

  5. I just watched that “wierd documentary” for the first time today, not knowing it was his birthday, so I freaked when I saw him on modblog.
    Happy Birthday! (hope the world doesn’t end on it 😛 )

  6. There’s actually two documentaries on Netflix now. Modify, which I’m sure is the one you’re talking about here, and another one that actually talks about his life personally, the rise of suspensions, etc.

    Has a pretty gnarly shot of his ex performing a trans-scrotal.

    Also, I’m pretty sure him and Jesse started Kaos, right? If so, thanks for creating such a rad product.

  7. Yup he and Jesse Jarrell started Kaos Softwear.

    It’s also Samppa’s birthday too – pretty cool that they share a birthday. Samppa’s actually visiting us here in Phoenix right now, too. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Steve…. Hope you have a great one. Always been a pleasure to know you and see your shows as well as your work in body mods and ink. Keep up the Great Work for many more years to come!!

  9. literally just got done watching the documentary “Flesh and Blood: wit h him from 2007.. pretty incredible!

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