The Churchyard

People who have me added on Facebook may have noticed me complaining late last night about the difficulty in tracking down an artist.  The reason I was up late was because I was trying to find the artist responsible for this beautiful creation.

After some MySpace hopping, and Googling, I finally found the artist.  It is none other than Jackie Rabbit, from Star City Tattoos in Roanoke, VA.  This sleeve, as well as a number of her other pieces were submitted this week, so expect to see more from Jackie.  I’ve added a couple of close-ups to the post, but to get the full sized images, you can see them in the miscellaneous tattoo gallery.

Keep on reading if you’d like to get a better look at the chapel and statue…

Like I said earlier, this is just beautiful.  She’s managed to capture the finer details of both the church and the monument, while still adding an artistic flair to the piece.  The darkness of the woods surrounding the angel brings a sense of sadness that is counterbalanced with the brightness of the sky, bringing hope to those who look for it in a church.

Again, please head on over to the tattoo galleries to get an even closer look.  If you’re having problems seeing the photos in the gallery, make sure that you’re signed in to your BME account, and if you don’t have one, simply signing up for a free subscription will get you access to more photos in the galleries.

15 thoughts on “The Churchyard

  1. Wow! A friend just sent me a link to this article. Im so glad that you like my work *blush*. I am especially proud of this piece. When a friend asked me for a cemetery sleeve i knew i had to take a different rout to avoid the redundant spooky graveyard scene. The owner of the piece is a devout Christian and so i really wanted to show the serenity and peace that comes with the “final reward” while portraying the inherent peace, beauty and solemnity of a pastoral country cemetery. Again… thank you so much for noticing me :)

  2. i worked with Jackie for a short time in Indy, too bad she had to move back to VA. great artist really good person!

  3. i worked with Jackie for a short time in Indy, too bad she had to move back to VA. great artist really good person!

  4. @ Amanda- It kinda looks like the church in Blackwater from Red Dead Redemption.

  5. That is my nephews arm!! I really wish you all could see it in person, its beyond amazing work!!

  6. This is amazing! I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting tattooed by Jackie. She is a very talented artist and a great person as well.

  7. I must say I disagree with the statement that the woods around the statue look dark. The only darkness, to me, comes from the statues and gravestones. Either way this is an amazing tattoo that is simply gorgeous in color, detail, and style.

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