Digital Love

_xiphiaz loves technology.  So much so that his very first tattoo ended up being one of the most impressive nerdy tattoos I’ve ever seen.

Corey Weir from Monk3ys in Auckland, NZ is the artist behind this technological construct.  Please note, I purposefully avoided a Superman 3 reference, as it would have taken away from the sheer awesomeness of this sleeve.

18 thoughts on “Digital Love

  1. Wow. That’s awesome. And the black is so…black, even up close. And it’s nice to see some non-tribal blackwork.

    The second image doesn’t show up. Not sure if it’s your end or mine.

  2. Is the white negative space or white ink? It looks more like white ink in the photos, but it could be that he is just as pale as I am. If it is white ink, I wonder how this is going to look once it fades/discolors from sun exposure…

  3. @Meow: He tagged it as a tribal tattoo when he submitted it, and who is to say he isn’t a member of the geek tribe?

    @RexCanis: It’s negative space. If you zoom in enough on the back of his arm you can see the freckles.

  4. that’s beautiful. stoked to see some awesome work coming out of NZ again. I now have another artist/studio to add to my list of places to talk to about doing something awesome on/under my skin.

  5. Flattered to see this get noticed among all the awesomeness on this site!

    @RexCanus: yep I can confirm with @Rob’s close look that there is no white ink involved at all. Just pure geeky skin provides the negative space.

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