Free Falling

We’ve seen Stanislav from the Moscow based Sinner team perform his free fall suspensions here before, but up until now he was the only one doing them on his team.  Well that number has gone up by one now that his wife Elena has taken the plunge as well by performing a 50ft fall from an 80ft bridge.

Not to be outdone by his partner in crime, Stanislav upped the ante by performing what I believe is the first backflip free fall suspension.

After seeing these and the rest of the photos in their team gallery, I honestly have no clue what they’ll come up with next.

13 thoughts on “Free Falling

  1. This is incredible and, as someone who has never suspended and has a fear of heights, incredibly scary.

  2. man, I just watched that video. ooft.

    suspension is pretty hardcore, but that takes it and multiplies that by, like, at least ten…like I say, ooft.

  3. The trick is, to have only a tiny little fall, but mostly only a swing starting from horizontal position. Freefall and sharp move into a swing = exceeding forces, so that’s mostly avoided (and if they do that once wrong rip –> RIP). Deep swing from horizontal position = 3 times g-force (2 of the movement + 1 g gravity) as a max. And that the skin in that setting can stand.

  4. We use long dynamic ropes to blow jerk. These are the systems from rope-jumping, something like this:
    the most important – is that the whole system is duplicated: two dynamic ropes from the top clean jerk, two jumping dynamic ropes also soften the fall.

    There photos are the screenshots from our new movie, that will be presented in Oslo Suscon in June, there I will make a lecture about all parts of the equipment and technics.

    I think that the skin is not a problem – tearing four 5mm. hooks in your back is not easy. but we were always afraid of breaking the spine becaurse of the forses. that`s why we use compensation systems.

    We have already done 10 free fall suspension jumps, soon we`ll post some videos.

  5. Not to quibble, but swinging down in from taught horizontal would be 2X gravity force on the cable and skin. A hefty factor of safety should be taken of course.

  6. PBC: You forgot the +1g normal gravitational force pulling, sums up to 3g.

    Definitely, that requires really stable material.

    From side oif the skin… it is safe. Since I saw single hook suspensions, and the suspendee carrying another guy for a while (about 160, 170kg of weight on one hook) and even not a little tearing occurred – form the side of the skin it is safe. But the material must be in particular designed quality.

  7. Eeeek! Scary…..but looks like sooo much FUN!

    (hmmm…..I haven’t been to Moscow for a very long time….)

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