10 thoughts on “That’s not a backpiece…

  1. Oh shit, I had no idea this dude was on IAM. If I remember correctly, this was done in only 2 fucking sessions. I don’t even feel worthy enough of looking at it. So impressive.

  2. Holy shit this is fucking amazing. This is the best tattoo I’ve seen on BME in A LONNNNNNNNNGGGGG TIME.

  3. this is a good piece for its size for sure. but its not outstanding or anything out of this world or ground breaking or whatever all the nut huggers will say HOWEVER, I would say this is a perfect example of a large scale neo-traditional piece. solid colors, line work, etc.

  4. Totally echo Ryan. And for me personally, I think it would have looked better as a smaller piece aesthetically. But that’s just me and my tastes- not knocking it as its rich and deep and lush and all of that, but I think it would have been more effective smaller.

  5. I love it. But one thing does baffle me, why does the skull have an antennae coming out of its forehead? Or was the previous owner killed by a lollipop throwing ninja?

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