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Growing up in Canada means I didn’t have a lot of exposure to firearms growing up.  In fact, Canadians are only allowed to own and use three different types of weapons.  From an early age we’re given a bolt action rifle and expected to hunt for our own food in the wilderness.  As we get older and stronger, we are given clubs, as it is the preferred hunting technique for baby seals.  Finally, when we’re 12 we can apply for a license for a shotgun, provided we can show proficiency with shooting zombie targets in the head.  According to Brian, this is an M16 which is one of those newfangled assault rifles that reloads automatically through some form of American witchcraft.

A little birdie once told me that it’s easier to get an assault rifle in New York than it is to get a hand gun.

14 thoughts on “Annie get your gun

  1. I wish that were banned totally, they are only for one purpose and it is to kill. Let the fucking rednecks in the USA keep them!

  2. Unless loaded with slugs or breaching rounds. A shotgun is inferior to say a .22 long och .32 caliber rifel or gun fo diuspatching Zombies 😉

  3. Killing doesn’t require firearms. Just ask any of the victims of “ethnic cleansing” in Africa who were murdered using machetes, clubs, and even bare hands.

    The only thing firearms do is make the ability to do violence equal-access for all. You don’t need to be a young/fit, strong, or have a lot of friends backing you up, to defend yourself with a firearm. All it takes is intellectual skills, which are open to nearly anyone. Those who relish brute force, where the young and fit, the physically strong, and the popular rule over the old, infirm, weak, and unpopular, are terrified of firearms.

    Anything can be used as a weapon, and those who are strong enough don’t even need weapons to enhance their strength, in order to do violence. The only special thing about firearms is that they make violence democratic, with no one stronger than anyone else. 90-pound Granny is an even match for a 300-pound mountain of muscle, if both are armed. Some fear equality, though. It’s useful to note that “gun control” in America was born out of racism, with the direct (explicitly-stated) purpose of keeping Blacks, Indians, and other minorities from being able to stand up and be equal to Whites.

    Civilized people keep arms, because we eschew the tyranny of brute force in favor of skills which are available to anyone.

  4. Probably is. In NYC I believe you have to go infront of a judge and get a permit to purchase a firearm. Florida? Woohoo, walk into the store and walk out with a gun! *sigh*.

  5. Yeah, that’s about correct. The Sullivan Law was passed explicitly to keep the Irish from buying guns. They couldn’t actually make that the law, because it would be unconstitutional, so they just set it up so you need a judge’s permission. At the time, if you were an upstanding WASP, the judge would just sign off and be done, but if you were one of “them,” he’d refuse. There was no doubt that’s what their intent was, though; those pushing for the law publicly stated how it would be used in interviews, newspaper articles, and the like.

    Almost all of the permit laws come from similar backgrounds.

  6. Be interesting to see how it heals up. If it comes out uneven, if could either look really cool, or really bad.

  7. Gregory: Do you consider people with extensive backgrounds in theatre, music and the arts to be “rednecks”? What about attorneys, engineers and political scientists? Can black and Asians be “rednecks”?

    Because I know people from all those groups who own and use guns.

    Though I’m getting the idea that gun ownership scares off the fucking bigots, which is a nice plus.

  8. Gregory can go fuck himself. I have my PAL (thats a possession and acquisition licence for those of you who dont know) in canada and had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get it. Why did i get it? Because i grew up dirt poor in the country and had to hunt to survive. Thats right, im a fucking redneck. If it wasnt for guns i wouldnt have survived. I wouldnt have been able to provide food for my siblings. Guns dont kill, people kill. Peoople pick up knives and stab, people pick up rope to strangle, etc. Guns have a bad rap and it pisses me off. Btw, its easier to get an assault rifle in canada too. I have a collection of high powered military assault rifles that i use for hunting (animals, not humans….). As long as they are not fully auto, they are only classified as a non-restricted, even though u can cut trees down with them…or drop an elephant. hahahahaha.

  9. @Lily: Shhh.. stop ruining stereotypes with your facts.

    Also, I’m a little surprised at how many people bit for Gregory’s troll.

    Now then. How about that scarification huh?

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