He has a plan

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for Rome to send in a photo.  This hunk of man-meat is one of the most gracious people I know, and even though he shaved off his glorious beard, he’s still dead sexy.  Oh and he happens to have a brand new facial tattoo that looks pretty awesome.

One more thing.  He’s going to be coming to BMEFest 2011, so if the bouncy castles weren’t enough to entice you, Rome should be.

16 thoughts on “He has a plan

  1. I love the reminder on the neck for every time he looks in the mirror. I love the idea, it is worth considering!

  2. Pease post pics of this healed,I’m surious to see how the white turns out… looks great~!

  3. Pease post pics of this healed,I’m curious to see how the white turns out… looks great~!

  4. VIKING!!!
    but a cute one.
    I really like it, however, upon seeing it I thought it was a branding.
    guess coffee is in order.
    either way, add a hearty beard, and I would have TOTAL “game of thrones” daydreams.

  5. Isn’t that facial tattoo the same as the face paint from a movie or video game or something? Does it have a historical precedent?

  6. It looks more like a scarification than a tattoo to me. I thought I remembered a post about this guy a while back when it was still fresh?

  7. I totally didn’t recognize Rome when I was moderating at first and I was like, cool tattoo, he’s kinda hot…heywaitaminute! ;)

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