Walking the lines

This foot was made for walking.  It was also made for a generous amount of ink.  It also happens to be attached to a really awesome dude named Alan.  Given how notoriously painful foot tattoos are, the boldness of the black and sharp lines are a testament to both Alan and the artist.

11 thoughts on “Walking the lines

  1. Ignore the shifter callus on my big toe.

    And I fogot to put artist info. This was done by my friend Mark Cornwall at Tattoo Marks in Souderton, PA.

  2. re: #5 – Um, yeah, you do see swastikas. That’s because there are swastikas in the design. But if your increased enjoyment of it is due to the swastikas and in reaction to Tony’s post at #2, then you needa get some sweet, sweet Wikipedia up in your skull. It ain’t controversial nor is it a NSDAP symbol.

  3. Rob wins. My big toe on my left foot has a callus from rubbing inside of my boots while riding my motorcycle.

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