The Legend of Neil

When I saw this photo in the gallery last night I knew that there was only one Neil that would get this scar of the Asmodeus symbol.  Now because this is Neil Chakrabarti, he doesn’t do anything half-assed.  For example, his pull/suspension at Suscon earlier this year was dedicated to his good friend Spliff, who was in a horrible car accident last summer, and we’ve also seen his throat suspension, which should never, ever, be attempted.  Given Neil’s affinity for all things hellbound, getting a symbol of the king of the demons/prince of hell shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Kcir was the one lucky enough to rip away at Neil’s flesh for what I’m guessing was an extended period of time.  You can see more photos of the scar in Kcir’s portfolio gallery.

4 thoughts on “The Legend of Neil

  1. ooh you brian decker! i was so about to do an r2 unit on a ribcage and then i saw yours. you keep beating me to the punchline. and you do it so well!

  2. You would think the design would be cleaner if it were larger… What happened?

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