She’s a unicorn

A wise man once told Siobhan that she must be a unicorn because he had never seen someone as perfect as her.  Granted he was specifically talking about a couple of her assets, but she’s still pretty awesome. These photos in particular show off just how stunningly gorgeous she is, the second one in particular just screams “sultry vixen”.  Her husband is one lucky guy.

Not surprisingly, she makes an excellent addition to the BMEGirls Gallery.

And here’s a peek at the assets in question.

Photo credit goes to Ron Douglas.

16 thoughts on “She’s a unicorn

  1. I’ve know this stunning fox since 05, when I’d first joined on IAM!
    She really has the brains and the looks <3

  2. Tricky Dick: she’s got attitude, but kinda like the Misfits song attitude where if you don’t watch your mouth you’ll end upon the floor.

  3. Perk: ask her about the philly convention fiasco where she was accused of having a less than pleasant disposition (which I disagree with, for the record)

  4. TrickyDick: i’ll ask her about that if you ask her about the time I accidentally saw her buttholebor when we went camping.

  5. I would have thought that the two assets to which you were refering were those motherfuckin’ goddamn insanely gorgeous eyes of hers.

  6. Siobhan is one of those girls that I know is trouble but I want to see how much trouble she is.
    I loves her.

  7. the “look up my nose pose” = removes glare from your eyes when flash is being used. most photographers tell you to lift your chin way higher than you might normally for that reason.

    nano – <3. i am definitely a fair amount of trouble, haha.

    brian – i still maintain that you’ve never seen my asshole, camping or elsewheres.

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