Hard lines, sunken cheeks

Out of all the Pantera related tattoos I’ve seen, this is the first portrait of Phil that has popped up on my radar.  The portrait is from a photo taken by John Kaplan for his photo essay “21″.

This was done by Mario Manai Inkstruktor from Tattoo Tiamat in Zadar, Croatia.

3 thoughts on “Hard lines, sunken cheeks

  1. I would LOVE an update with a good close up on Phil’s arm. I’m sure the detail in the tattoos must be as awesome as the excellency with which the hair was done

  2. Wow, this is great… I’m from Croatia, and trying to find an artist here that will help me with my ideas, but it’s swarmed with scratchers, so it’s really useful (and refreshing) to hear about good studios here..
    Don’t get me wrong, there ARE good artists in Croatia to, but it’s like a flood of religious, nationalistic and wildlife tattoos, and I don’t want any of that.

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