Thumbs up for implants

One of the toughest parts of being a modification artist that tours is that you end up doing work on people in another country that you could possibly never see again.  Which is why artists love it when they get photos from their clients showing off just how much they like whatever work they’ve had done.  A few months back Efix was down in Australia working out of The Piercing Urge in Melbourne where he was able to give Adam a 3D-implant.  Four months later, he got this picture in his inbox.

I think it’s safe to say he likes it.

5 thoughts on “Thumbs up for implants

  1. thats a lovely shot :) good work on that Efix…

    I love implants, want to get some myself…the only thing bout them, is especially on the backs of hands is hitting your hand on something or something falling on it….just makes my legs go all jelly thinking that it owuld be rather uncomfortable as hell…

    still wanna get some though haha

  2. Here in the UK you they are trying to pass a law that states anyone who even peirces peoples ears must complete a risk assessment of the possible hazards. So i dont know what would be the rules with a 3d implant lol

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