Third eye fox

The gang over at Self Sacrifice in London have been steadily updating their portfolio galleries over the past couple of weeks with a lot of quality work.  This fox is just one of the many tattoo photos that Nick Whybrow sent in to his  own gallery.

Now because I just spent the past few weeks watching Game of Thrones I couldn’t help but to think of the raven with 3 eyes when I saw this.  Of course with the moon, the pipe, and the green smoke, it does give off a pretty fantastical vibe.

4 thoughts on “Third eye fox

  1. Game of Thrones frickin’ rocks. I’m wondering what the three-eyed raven means though…

    Anyway, solid tattoo. I wonder what the meaning of it is? It’s got an all-seeing eye thing going on there; an up-turned pipe; crescent moon. Seems spooky in a delirium- or drug-induced kind of visionary way.

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