Remembering Keith Alexander

It’s been 6 years now since Keith Alexander was taken from us too early.  Keith was a huge presence in both the online modified community, as well as the world at large.  As a student of Jim Ward’s, Keith opened up Modern American Bodyarts in NYC, a studio which defied the traditional “head em up, move em out, get their money” type of shops that were popular at the time.  He hosted many memorable events including the infamous “Night of 1000 scars”.  In addition to his modification work, he was also a rock star and had a successful career in marketing, where he was able to show the corporate world that just because someone is heavily modified, doesn’t mean they can’t do their job well.

If you have time today, take a moment and read through the following articles, written by friends of Keith in the years following his passing.

RTFM: Keith Alexander – An interview with Keith taken a few months before his passing.

The Things That Carry Us – A collection of rememberances of Keith by those who knew him well.

Employers Should Probably Start Making Peace With Tattoos – A short interview with Keith regarding tattoos in the workplace

RIP Keith Alexander – (November 23, 1963 – July 11, 2005)

3 thoughts on “Remembering Keith Alexander

  1. heh, i posted to RAB this morning to commemorate the day. i’m glad i wasn’t the only one who remembered.

  2. wow I cant believe its been 6 years since he died. Really enjoyed reading what he had to write when he was an active member of the community and i wish i had known him better. Very interesting man.

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