Don’t do this

Seriously.  Don’t do this.  This isn’t me laying down a challenge, this is me saying this is one of the most dangerous things you’ll see on ModBlog and you shouldn’t ever even think of doing it.

I’ve used this warning only once before, which was for Andrew’s facial suspension at Dallas Suscon.  At the time I mentioned that Andrew had been working on the suspension for years, training and doing research, as well as talking to the first person who pulled it off, Supa.  Well here is where it all started.  Supa’s first, and the world’s first, facial suspension.  Kaptive8 Suspension Krew, Supa’s team, was on hand to help him with this extremely dangerous suspension.

Did I mention you shouldn’t do this?  Because you shouldn’t.

11 thoughts on “Don’t do this

  1. YES! I was waiting for this to be posted.
    Thank you so much for putting this up.
    Way to go Supa!! 😀

  2. Something else that needs to be said is: Supa’s crew for this face suspension know what they are doing and know what Supa is able to do. I know most of them personally and have done suspensions with them.

  3. More pictures! What the fuck happened with this? Did he get off the ground? Did it rip his face off lije a drugged orangatan?!

  4. I have seen a lot of things on here that have made me say “wow” for a lack of better words. But my mouth literally fell open looking at this. OUCH!

  5. Yes you do Andrew 🙂

    @Josh p: I have a few more photos and a little bit of video but this Supa (face) suspension was quite private. I will try to get uploaded when I can as I am pretty busy these days working on new stuff hehe. I was in the air somewhere between 15 to 30 seconds. Since this I have done 2 more one well was kind of an accident but my feet did leave the ground and all my weight was on my face and the 3rd is something I will post the pics of but I will say it was 2pt and I was up for about 5 seconds due to where the hooks were. Keep an eye on my krew because a lot of new things are coming maybe even modified face suspensions ;).

  6. I have always wanted to try suspension, but I wouldn’t ever dare to do it from my face. This guy is a freakin champion.

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