Into the fire

The story behind this piece is simple, every day, all across the world, brave men and women face death head on to save the lives of strangers.  Every time one enters a burning building to save someone, they take the chance of never walking out again.  This isn’t a tattoo about death, it’s about being proud of those who put their lives on the line every day.

Tattoo by Michael Ashworth, from Artistic Impressions in Katy, TX.

4 thoughts on “Into the fire

  1. Umm, it’s a tribute to Sons of Anarchy AND rescue me???

    I have a large circle of EMS/Firefighter people I care about. They have tattoos. Nothing like…this.
    What Tobias was saying. Yep.

  2. Why is this on modblog? This is a pretty terrible tattoo that a majority of us would not be happy with.

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