Guess What?

I’m not going to play any games this week with the guess what photo.  It comes from the BME Hard galleries, and it involves needles and nails.  The big question is, what exactly is being pierced and punctured?

Think you know what it is?  Take a guess and read on to see if you’re right.

I’ll be honest, I don’t expect too many right answers this time around, but if you did guess right, give yourself a pat on the back.  Then, head on over to Sadistica’s BME Gallery to see more of this kind of needle and nail play.

29 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Ahhh! I guessed wrong, and that really made me shudder. I wish it had been the obvious option!

  2. ouch.
    I guessed “doigts” wich is french for toes or finges (you have to add “of the hand” or “of the foot” to be precise)

  3. toes are fingers for your feet :P hehe

    I was half right, I thought toes or fingers..though admittedly, fingers first…

    and yea…sod the nails, sod the other needs in the side…but the three under the nail in the big toe….god damn OWW! lol

  4. ow ow ow ow ow ow owww. Things with feet freak me out more than genitalia… *continues cringing for my feet* Mostly it’s the nails and the needles under the nail.

    I guessed knuckles. Sort of right…sort of.

  5. Fuck that shit. This is the first thing I think I have ever seen on Modblog that made me say “What the fuck!”

  6. i thought fingers too. the needles under the toenail definitely made me gag, and that’s honestly a first for me on modblog…

  7. Zizah, in french, “doigts” means fingers and toes is “orteils”. Dunno where you got the “of the hand, foot” thing.

  8. DeafRaGe, je connais que doigt de pied et doigts tout simple pour la main…
    au moins c’est-ce qu’ils disent chez moi à Bourg… et le mot orteils j’ai bien trouvé au dico mais je connais pas.

  9. wow. that’s pretty out there.

    probably the first thing I’ve seen on this where I haven’t at least thought, “well…I can see how that might be pleasant if you’re into that kind of thing…”

    this thing with the nails and the feet, that just looks sore.

  10. Those nails can’t be very sharp. Kudos for getting them to penetrate the skin at that angle!!!

  11. I have to say this is the first time something on modblog has made me shudder, for some reason feet are much more emotive. Genital jazz, amputations etc don’t ick me out at all -but for some reason this gets me!
    Kudos for doing it though ^^

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