Six months and counting…

Whenever I post a microdermal project from Tribal Trading in The Netherlands, someone always chimes in that they don’t think it will last, and they’ll probably end up with a silly looking scar.  To start with, whether the microdermals last one day or 10 years, the work should still be recognized as incredible, both as a testament to the artist, as well as the owner who will be living with it.  Of course some may reject, but that same risk comes with a large variety of piercings and modifications.  It all depends on how the owner heals and how well they take care of them.

Now, with that said, let’s check in on one of Nesh Cash’s projects that was featured a couple of months ago.  This Triskellion design is comprised of 33 individual piercings.  Here’s how it looked 6 months ago.

And now here it is 6 months later..

As you can see, all 33 are still in place, with no rejections or scarring.  It just goes to show, microdermals that are well taken care of can last, even when a lot of them are grouped together.

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  1. I am so grateful for this post. I’ve had an something as simple as an eyebrow piercing reject and watched things like this heal, so I always get frustrated when there’s the inevitable “it won’t heal” chimes in. We should be thinking positive and supporting our fellow enthusiasts.

    Here’s to many, many more months for this piece!

  2. Yeah its a nice story only the pictures are from the same photoshoot.
    he posted them on his Hyves account along with same shots of the procedure. if he would post that here i already know the reaction would be different.

    I have already seen how the anchor looks after removing all the dermals from that project, the guy wishes he had a nice scar looks like he got attacked by a rabid dog.

    But hey, it looked nice :-((

    He should have thought more about the customer then about how it looks in a portfollio.

  3. I second what “TilburgInk” says above. All pictures are photoshopped, over-lighted and from the exact same shoot. I’ve seen quite a few “projects” by Nash in real life, one of them being the “Anchor”‘-dermal anchor project TilburgInk speaks off; the entire thing was as crooked and botched as they come, got infected fairly quickly and was removed in several sessions. The guy she did them on ended op with a horrible scar and wishes he never got in contact with them in the first place.Same thing for the “Cross”.

    I’m not one to badmouth other studios, but the fact BME is propagandizing one of the worst studios in our country – known for their lack of proper hygiene and disregard for customers safety – infuriates me. I would like to advice the staff to look into the “artist” they recommend people too beforehand.

    If needed, I’d gladly send the staff actual pictures (in-focus, unedited, real) of all above mentioned pieces. Really, this is such a shame.

  4. Tilburg Ink?
    well here is the story! we did 2 photoshoots, one half year ago and on recent. In the recent photoshoot with muffie and the cheries (all project that are done for the second photoshoot) we made photo’s of the triskel again to show how it looks after 6 months.
    There was one project the cross that is also posted on BME that totaly failed and the microdermals rejected!! It does not look nice and he will definitly get a nice cross scar!!
    All people that joined the special projects are fully aware of the riscs and what can happen!! So I don’t see the problem.
    There is gonna be a 3th photoshoot after summer and we will make some new pictures of old projects too and I will post them again!
    One more thing: making microdermal projects is a combination of good piercingwork and taking good care of it. Piercing is only half of the job. If people don’t thread there new piercings with care, I can do my best but it won’t last.

  5. StillWater – No one on BME’s staff is recommending this or any other shop we post pictures from. We simply showcase photos that are submitted to the site that happen to catch our eye, or in this case, Rob’s eye. It’s not a recommendation of the shop. Nor is it propaganda, that doesn’t even really make sense.

    All Rob has to base things on are the photos that are submitted to the site. If images are to get posted they need to be taken at face value as to what is submitted to BME. If he had to start doing investigations into every photo that he wants to post there wouldn’t be a ModBlog because there’s no time for that. It’s fine if people want to add information that is fact to an image we post but there’s certainly no endorsement going on, on our part nor is it possible for us to know who every single practitioner in the world is and what their shop is like…

    I don’t think it was a good idea for Rob to assume that the photos being submitted at different times necessarily meant they were from different shoots but beyond that he took the images at face value and commented on them as such.

    BME does not endorse any of the shops whose work we display. It is for you, the reader, to make up your mind on whether or not you want to go to any of those shops. We simply display photos that were submitted to BME that we find interesting or unusual.

  6. Ok this is the last time I will give a comment on it!!
    First of all, we had an idea of making special projects with microdermals, so we posted it our ideas and searched for people to get the microdermals. Before making the projetcts we informed all people of the riscs envolved. Everyone was fully aware of the riscs and they all signed a informed concent and a contract before we started making these projects. After finishing the first projects we had photoshoot 1, 01/30/2011. We made the Triskel and the Anchor + 2 corset projects: the backcorset and the sidecorset + the puppetmaster. After the photoshoot we removed the backcorset and the sidecorset. The lady with the anchor project did come back for some rejected microdermals wich we replaced, but after that we did not see her again so don’t know how that went from than on. The triskel is still in and she is happy with it.
    For the secont photoshoot 05/22/2011 we made a cross on someones side but that rejected immediatly so we removed the microdermals piece by piece even before we had the photoshoot. On the day of the second photoshoot I made a legcorset on Kaily wich I removed after the photoshoot. All of this was clear before even starting the projects. The hello kitty project in microdermals we made sadely rejected so we had to remove those ones too. The cheries we made for the second shoot are still in. She is missing like 4 microdermals and they will be replaces soon.
    About the lack of hygiene i am speachless … In the Netherlands you need to have a license from the goverment to make piercings and tattoos. The health department comes and checks the hygien of the shop on a regular basis. If you do not qualify you loose the permit. Our shop is in bussiness for 13 years and we never had any problem with controls of the health department or with our permit.
    Finaly, I will post pictures of the rejected projects.

  7. “In the Netherlands you need to have a license from the goverment to make piercings and tattoos. The health department comes and checks the hygien of the shop on a regular basis. If you do not qualify you loose the permit. Our shop is in bussiness for 13 years and we never had any problem with controls of the health department or with our permit”

    This is complete bullshit, yes we are checked by the health department once every two years for that permint, but we have to make an appointment with them, so we know wenn the will come and how late they will be there.

    So we are judged by the hygene at the moment, they dont do surprise checkes !!!!!!!!
    I wish the did not only for youre shop but for mine and every shop aswell.

  8. The info Stillwater has given you isnt right because last time I checked, I was still female and THE proud owner of a dermal ‘Anchor’ with no intensions of taking them out. All of my 83 dermals are still in Place!

    My Anchor is set by Bart not Nesh and the pictures are from different shoots..

    I would love to see the uncut version of it !

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