Project 33

It seems that the anchor wasn’t the only microdermal project coming out of Tribal Trading Tilburg recently.

And here’s a close-up of the piercings..

According to Lesh Cash, who is the artist behind this project, the 80 microdermal anchor is still in place and healing well.  There was some slight irritation with less than 10 of them, but they’ve since been replaced and things are progressing nicely.  Hopefully we’ll get to see more of these projects, as well as some healed photos of the anchor.

4 thoughts on “Project 33

  1. Does anybody else notice how awesome and shiny her jeans are?

    I guess the microdermals are nice too XD

  2. Kudos to her for enduring the semi neatness of this piece – I for one love the look of micro’s and sub’s – but their semi temperanance would never allow me to mess up the skin that I have

    Blinkin’ ek’ my nose piercing gets in the way enough when I clean my face, my lobes have wood in them so they don’t sweat and stink…

    I’ve seen enough long term trans morph fellows (am sorry can no think of a more respectful word) who’ve implanted internal/external pieces – they take serious dedication to heal – and then your body decides anyway !

    I say this from no experience of microdermals, cept the visual.. the buggery of two of three years between pictures to see what your body chucks out… you seriously need to be happy with the after shot – before accepting the before. I checked out some time ago (and I SO apologise as it’s late and the bottle’s empty) the latest black snake fellow and his earlier very nice nip of his face barbells. They looked sublime, but they didn’t take.

    We must all to a degree like accentuating… but it has to be able to stay, or you like that consequences. And as we know… scars attract. But I for one,like my scars to look as I caused them, or to look like nothing’s missing.

  3. The triskellion, not a symbol I see very often. It looks good, though, and I really like the placement. Hope it heals ok. I’d think the lower back would get snagged by clothes all the time.

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