Chiseled script

Not sure which is hotter, the big bold script by Joey Pang, or the guy it’s on.

Joey owns and operates Tattoo Temple which is located in Hong Kong, and you can find more of her work in her BME portfolio gallery.

If you wanted to set up your own portfolio gallery, the BME Wiki has been updated with how to go about getting one, as well as what types of galleries are available.

Bonus galleries are galleries for individual members. You can find individual member galleries in the following places:

If you would like to set up a bonus gallery of your own, please email BME Support. Please state what type of gallery it is you would like to set up and what name the gallery should use. Note that a user can have multiple galleries in some instances. For example, an artist may have both a Piercing Portfolio and a Body Modification Portfolio. Users are limited to one hard bonus gallery per user.

Once a bonus gallery has been set up for you, you can begin tagging your submissions under the name you provided. Note that you are encouraged to continue to submit content both under your bonus gallery tag and whatever other tag your media may belong in. For example, a tattoo artist may tag a photo to their bonus gallery as well as the floral tattoos gallery.

4 thoughts on “Chiseled script

  1. Are there galleries for jewellers as well who specialise in body jewellery? Because I’d be well up for submitting some more of my work

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