All the cool horses are zombies now

They’re also pink and blue.

According to Cecer this isn’t the finished tattoo, but it’s close enough to being completed that she wanted to share.  At first glance I thought they were the unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn, but the lack of horns squashed that idea.

Bartosz (Broda) Zieliński from The Old Barber Shop in Copenhagen, Denmark is the artist.

6 thoughts on “All the cool horses are zombies now

  1. totally thought that was part of the tattoo until i read the other comments

    worst watermark ever

  2. Sorry about the watermark. It’s Broda’s, the artists, watermark, I did not put it there.
    It’s 2 carousel horses. Like on a classic merry-go-round. We are working on an mechanical octopus ride atm, I will post pictures as soon as it’s done. It’s gonna be a whole animal carnival themed sleeve.

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