I love this Madballs tattoo that Nicky B had done by BobbyT — an old BME friend that some of you may remember from back yard BBQs at the old Queen/Bathurst Toronto BME HQ — at Sleepy Hollow Tattoo in Welland, Ontario. Nicky got this done because he was a big fan of the toys as a kid — each of the Madballs toys came with an official painting (that reminds me a lot of Ed Roth “Rat Fink” hotrod art), and this is one of them.


More fun tattoos (and a tool to do them)

Adding to the silly little tattoos I posted last night I want to include this pair of sweet fun foot-top pieces. On the left a minimal tattoo by Gábor Zagyvai (, and on the right a great little cock by Lionel Fahy ( that he had the honor of doing on fellow tattoo artist Jimmy Toge of Radjah Skin Design in Bali, Indonesia.

funnyfoot1t funnyfoot2t

Speaking of Lionel, I wanted to show you this joyful tattoo machine that Den Nis of El Hombre Invisible Tattoo Machines made in collaboration with him.


Oh and thinking of feet tattoos has reminded me to squeeze in one more that caught my eye, although it’s not as “funny” as the first two. This masterpiece was done for Maxime by Cammy Stewart of Metalurgey in Dundee. I especially like the way the red checkerboard travels onto his toes — a very nice touch assuming it heals well [Edit: Oops, Maxime just took the photo, it's not his foot].


You’ve got something on your lens

So normally a photo with this much photoshopping wouldn’t get posted, but we haven’t had nearly enough BMEBoys lately, so we’ll have to make due.  Plus it’s Evil_Emil, which is always a plus.

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Incoming wall of geek text:

A chocobo (チョコボ chokobo?) is a fictional creature from the Final Fantasy video game series. The creature is a large and normally flightless galliforme/ratite bird capable of being ridden and otherwise used by player characters during gameplay. Chocobos first appeared in Final Fantasy II and have been featured in almost all subsequent Final Fantasy games, as well as making cameo appearances in numerous other games. A spin-off series featuring chocobos has also been created.

While most chocobos that appear in the games are yellow, certain rare breeds are of different colors and have special abilities, including being able to fly or use magic. Chocobos are also occasionally used as lightly armored war mounts, assisting their riders in battle with their beak and claws. A comic relief variant is the Fat Chocobo (or Chubby Chocobo) character; an extremely obese yellow or white chocobo that can eat the player’s items for storage. The onomatopoeia for a chocobo’s call is “kweh” (クエ kue?) (sometimes replaced with “wark” in English translations or more recently pronounced as “kway”).

No artist credit was given here.  All I know is it was sent in by Malapropos.  Which is a shame because I know I’m not the only one who wants to know who the gamer girl is.

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