Curling up with Misty

We’ve seen Misty on ModBlog a couple of times.  Whether it’s the scars she has, the ones she’s done, or her suspensions, ModBlog is always proud to show her off.  I had the pleasure of meeting her a few months back, and she’s just an incredible person inside and out.  Members of the suspension community know her from Hooklife, the equivalent of ModBlog, where she manages to keep her finger on the pulse of the suspension community.  In the past she’s helped me out with a couple of suspension related stories, and I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done.  Recently Big Mike from Hooked Suspension wrote a guest article on Misty, sharing his thoughts about this wonderful person.  Here’s a bit of what Mike had to say…

From an outsiders prospective it’s easy to see how busy she is and how hard it must be for her to keep up. She fills her days as a body piercer and from what I’ve seen an outstanding scarification artist at Southtown Tattoo & Body Piercing in Fort Smith Arkansas. She is also plays a major role in the running of her suspension team, Hanging City Suspensions. Theirs is one of the most friendly groups I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and anybody else who has had the experience I’m sure would say the same. They did an amazing suspension show at the Freaks & Fetish, Dallas SusCon opening party that had Misty herself suspending TWICE in the same evening. It was beautiful and amazing to watch. I also had the pleasure to work with her team frequently throughout SusCon weekend and these guys are great at what they do and seem willing to always keep learning new things.

And here’s Misty at her most recent suspension with Hanging City Suspensions

She looks so serene, embraced by nature, not burdened by anything, including gravity.

2 thoughts on “Curling up with Misty

  1. mindy is cool as shit in my book. i had a great time both times i got to work with her and her crew. awesome guys, even if they are clownie lovers (not misty though! :P).

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