Bright ideas

According to Marissa, this will probably be the last time anyone sees this design.  This is one of those great examples of just how personal a tattoo can be.  We’ve all had moments where some stranger has asked us “what does that mean?”, hell it happened last night to me with a particularly nosy waiter.  For Marissa, she knows that the tattoo is there, she knows what it looks like, and what it means to her.  Which is all that should matter.

Tattoo by Mike Moses from Thicker Than Water in NYC.

8 thoughts on “Bright ideas

  1. That is so, so beautiful. I hope Marissa enjoys many, many spontaneous smiles at her soon-to-be-secret gorgeous tattoo.

  2. Great to see Mike’s work on here! He’s one of my very favorite people, as well as a fantastic artist. I should submit the rat he put on me…

  3. That is just silly. Why would I have a tattoo that even I cannot see? It is time, money and ink wasted. She could have tattooed her butt, it is not that everybody can see it, but at least she could have in the shower or somewhere.

  4. @ Jim,why silly? let her be!
    I’m sure you do a lot of things that are a waste of time and money and we all do my friend.
    BTW the work is clean!

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