Three years in the works

By the time you’re reading this, IAM will have probably been taken down for the upgrade.  As many of you know, this upgrade has been a long time coming, three years in fact.  So to celebrate, the BME Shop is having a SALE! We’re giving you 10% off for every year the new IAM has been in development, that means you’re going to get 30% OFF EVERYTHING (except DVDs).  To get the discount, all you have to do is put in the code: 3years when you check out.  The discount will be automatically applied.  The sale is going to last until Friday the 19th.

We’ve also had some requests, so first class shipping has been added to the US shipping options.  However, priority shipping is only 5-15 dollars and it gets there in 3 days or less and it can be tracked.  First class shipping can’t be tracked, nor can any insurance be placed on it, so if you need something quick, priority is probably your best bet, but first class is available.  Express mail is also now available to US customers.  Here’s the current rundown of shipping options:

Domestic (USA):

First Class, Priority Mail, and Express Mail.


Priority Mail and Express Mail.

I’ve also been testing out the new IAM, so over the week I’ll be updating you with what you can expect when IAM comes back online.

So remember, this week only you get 30% off at the BMEshop by using the code: 3years

Sale ends Friday August 19th, 2011.  Sale applies to all items except DVDs.

17 thoughts on “Three years in the works

  1. I hope once the site is launched and everything is settled, someone steps in to bmeshop and gets a bunch of shirts/hoodies/etc reprinted or new ones printed. I’d buy a Calm hoodie in a second it wasn’t that the only size left was 3xl or that the Calm shirt was out of most sizes. Plus, more jewelry.

    I know everyone’s busy and the team is small, but that’s a lot of missed revenue that could be helping out with servers, hosting, etc.

  2. @Nicole: I’m not sure of the exact timeline. I wrote that last night so things may be happening that haven’t affected the old IAM yet.

  3. Everyone is working on IAM right now. Whether you can access it or not, everyone is hard at work. I know that we want to have as little downtime as possible.

  4. @Jen: Thanks. I knew stuff was being done, just didn’t know if it was starting to affect old IAM yet.

  5. Old IAM is in read-only it looks like – you can browse around just not make new posts because they’re being imported.

  6. Is ir just me or is the discount code not working for anyone? I’ve had my eye on one of those belt buckles, but its saying the code is invalid

  7. I’m having the same trouble with the discount code, it says it’s invalid…and it doesnt accept my zip code x|

  8. I would like to know about this as well, as I plan to take use of the discount.


  9. ok im upset…is the discount ONLY for american customers? as I keep trying and it always comes back failed….or has the discount NOT yet been applied as you just put this up today?

  10. I’m sure they will figure it out Dean, they seem real busy right now. Not to mention the fact that the discount is running till the 19th is a pretty superb offer.

  11. Glad you guys are having a sale….but not so much when you are completely out of stock (and have been for some time it seems) on the Kaos stuff in my size.

  12. Agreed. This would make much more sense if there actually were something to buy.
    I have been waiting for a “Calm” buckle in AGES.

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