It’s a fine line between love and hat

Putting aside the fact that Veal amputated part of her finger, she’s someone who just loves to have fun with her modifications.  So when her dad jokingly suggested that she get “Love” and “Hat” tattooed on her knuckles (below her “High Four” tattoo), she went out and got it done.

Matt and Lester from Holy Cow in the UK did the tattoos, Veal did the amputation, and her niece did her nails.

10 thoughts on “It’s a fine line between love and hat

  1. Andrea, read the description honey 🙂 Do you really think the old tattoo said “Love haet” ?

  2. I could have got ‘Love and Hae’, but that would just be silly 😉 lol
    Bare in mind, the tattoos came years after the amputation, and my friends/family had been bending their finger down and high-fouring me long before I got the tattoo.
    I’m glad people get a laugh out of it, it makes me smile, thanks!
    ps. the second I met hatekill, I molested him, what a hottie 🙂 hahaha x

  3. haha. <3 veal. one of the first people i ever spoke to on iam! a while ago now. awesome tattoos love!

  4. I <3 you too, Shoe. I’ll never forget you helping me go up at my first suspension 🙂

  5. Where can I find a safe practitioner able to amputate four fingers on my left hand in Europe?

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