Guess What?

Ok, so this one may be a little on the easy side.  But if you guess it wrong, boy are you in for a surprise!

Think you know what it is?  Take a guess, then keep on reading…

It’s a good old fashioned tug-of-war!  It also gives me a chance to link to a bunch of galleries that we don’t see a lot of on ModBlog, like the boy-boy sex play gallery.  You can also check out more photos in the frenum & scrotal ladder gallery, and the genital beading gallery.

So, who do you think won?

9 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. To the guy on the left: Your forest down under is getting out of control! Really…
    To the guy on the right: nice

  2. Very easy. Loving the scrotal ladder and other piercings but not so keen on penis impants, they look a bit to warty for me…..

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