The Master at Work

Time and time again, Vincent Hocquet’s designs have blown our collective minds.  How he manages to weave in spiritual symbols with geometric shapes and abstract art.  He is truly a master at what he does.  Here he is at work on his friend Rob’s bodysuit, which is turning out beautifully.

18 thoughts on “The Master at Work

  1. I don’t regret any of my tattoos but when I see this kind of high concept body art project it kinda makes me wish I could erase them and start over again.

  2. @inka: no doubt, I’m trying to figure out some room so I can get a tattoo in this style. I have plenty of room right now, but so many tattoos I want already

  3. I think that it looks amazing, great work! But the more i looked at it the more i noticed that there are about 12 red swastikas? am i the only one that is seeing this….

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