Wings in the Wild

If you haven’t yet signed up for your free BME account, today is the day to do it.  In the ritual and play piercing gallery is a series of photos sent in by Sara Body Art from Freak Shop in Portugal.  Below are just a couple of this set that captures a man in the forest, pierced with feathers as he explores the wilderness.  The photography is great and the piercings look fantastic.  It’s definitely worth a trip over to the gallery to see the rest.

3 thoughts on “Wings in the Wild

  1. This is probably not the place to post this, but figured I had nothing to lose. I’m trying to order from the BMEshop, but first my order wouldn’t go through (tried it 3 times to no avail) and when I tried a day later it said that my coupon had expired (when it clearly said on modblog that we could use it through the 19th). I tried writing you guys an email but I didnt get an answer, and I really want to order my stuff before the coupon expires… Any help?

  2. OMG those are beautiful photos! i would love to have those printed and framed, is that possible? (payment of course)

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