IAM launch delays and ETA…

Hey everyone, we just wanted to let you know what’s been happening with IAM over the weekend.  On Friday the site went live, however there were a couple of major issues that users found and it was taken down immediately.  Over the weekend Rachel has been working around the clock with the website guys to get the site up and running.  Yesterday the site was almost ready to go, however there were a couple of problems that needed to be dealt with.

We’re sorry for the lack of updates, but everyone has been working hard on getting it up and running and we haven’t had time to sit down to announce anything.  We’re hoping to have IAM up and running by later today, as we’re in the final stages of testing some of the new features now that the former problems have been fixed.  As it stands now, the site will either go up today with some of those features being added over the course of the week if the site is stable or we’ll have it up by Thursday with the features in place.  It all depends on what the developers can do with the site while it’s live.  I’ve been as anxious as everyone else to get back onto IAM, and Jen or I will try to get more updates for you over the course of the day.

I know it’s been a long wait, but from what I’ve seen it’s definitely worth it.

Again, we apologize for the delays in the launch, and we hope to have everything up and running within the next day.  Keep an eye on ModBlog for any further updates.

Oh, and here’s a fresh BME Logo tattoo that was sent in by Dspiercing.

EDIT: If you are having problems logging in please email [email protected]. Please note that you log in to IAM via the main page on BME, so if you visit an old IAM link and it redirects you to BME, that’s actually the right place. You need to log in there using your email address and password. Again, if you are having problems email [email protected] and please include your IAM name. Thanks! Jen

29 thoughts on “IAM launch delays and ETA…

  1. Thanks for the update! I can’t wait to see the new IAM, but if I have to wait it’s a least great to know what’s going on.

  2. how i miss you iam~ i cant wait for the launch~ thanks for letting us know rob~

  3. Thanks for the update, much appreciated! I don’t mind to wait for all the cool features, I just found it confusing that the announcement said it would be back up on the 11th and then no news when it wasn’t. Much appreciation to everyone working on the site!

  4. Well, let’s see, it’s now past noon on the 19th, this update is no longer even on the front page of the blog, there are no new updates, and still no IAM. The “we’re working on the finishing touches” message has been up for over three days now. You’ve given us multiple target dates over the last week, and missed them all, generally with no explanation or message. It’s really not that hard to take a minute and give people a heads-up that you’ll need another day or so. I understand there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and I do appreciate that, but from a user’s point of view, the implementation of this upgrade appears extremely disorganized and patched together. Hopefully the final product is not that way as well.

  5. Go to http://bme.com, click “login” at the top.

    If you did not make sure your BME profile email and IAM account email were the same you’ll need to make sure you’re logging in using the address associated with your IAM account and your IAM password.

    If you don’t know what email address you used on IAM, email [email protected]

  6. Still having issues or is it me being silly? Logging in on bme, but after successful log in get error messages to all pages but this one.

  7. when I try and get in it lets me login but it takes me to the billing section right away. Do we have to pay to get in even if we already had a page that had a lot of time left on it?

  8. agree with “frustrated”

    I am frustrated, too

    any given business relying on a website has to make sure that at least it can go back to the previous version when going to change it and change fails

    being offline for a week is just not up to nowadays standards

  9. Nearly midnight UK time on 19th and still not up. I agree with “barcode” – regardless of everything else, being offline for this long is close-on unacceptable.

  10. @Oh dear – I posted prior to you saying you can in fact get on IAM right now.

    If anyone is having trouble please remember to use the email address you used for IAM (if you didn’t make sure your IAM and BME emails were the same) and your IAM password. If you don’t remember what email you used for IAM or your password just email [email protected]

  11. Anyone having problems should NOT be posting here but rather emailing [email protected] so I can help you. Posting it here might not get you an answer. At the very least you’ll get an answer/help much faster if you simply email support for help.

  12. Grammatical error: “…do with the site while its live.” It’s, not its. Sorry those bug me haha.

    Thank you so much for updating! I’ve been checking constantly everyday. I can understand some of you maybe be frustrated but try to be patient and hopefully this is worth the wait!

  13. is anyone else locked out right now? had access for half an hour, now just keep getting prompted to buy a membership. tried emailing but nobody has responded.

  14. …. does it suppose to work now ?! i mean .. i tried to logged into my IAM account and it always leads me to the bme site and says that i “do not exist ” ?! hahahaha

  15. Is iam still offline? Can’t tell from the comments thread. I get forwarded to the subscription page when I try to get in, even if I’m logged in to the bme site (and I verified that it’s with the correct email and a current, paid iam subscription). Is it just me or does everyone get this?

  16. No it’s not offline. If you’re having problems logging in please email [email protected]

    You log in via the main page of BME. Log in with your email address (the one associated with your IAM page) and your IAM password.

    If you don’t know what email address you used on IAM, email [email protected] and make sure you include your IAM name.

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