How High?

It’s time again to check in with our friends in the Moscow based Sinner Team.  The last time we saw the gang, they had 5 of their members lined up with hooks ready to suspend.  Not just any suspension mind you, the suspension that the Sinner Team has put on the map, the free fall suspension.  So far most of the photos we’ve seen of their free falls have been from the ground, so it’s been hard to get a good idea of just how high up they’re jumping from.  Well, here’s a couple of photos that might put a knot in your gut.

And as a little bonus, here’s the latest trailer for their Free Fall Suspension film.

12 thoughts on “How High?

  1. I don’t know if you can push the limits of suspension any further.

    Maybe rigged from the side of a Biplane? Hope I didn’t give the idea away! I want to be the first to try it! haha

  2. The height above the water is 25 meters, it is about 82 feet. The deph of free falling depends of how strong you push from the support (the stronger you jump – the bigger pendulum you`ll fly and free falling height become smaller) and here it is from 8 to 15 meters (25-50 ft.).

    Next week we are going to perform a new jump with scale up to three times comparing this bridge :) there are lots of oppotunities to make this jump bigger and higher, from the height of 83 meters(282ft.) and with free falling from 30 to 45 meters (100-150ft.) so very soon, if everything will be okay, you`ll see something more interesting

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