Pink spots

This young lady is PiercedNymphaea, and she’s showing off not only her piercings, but also the healed leopard spots on the side of her head.  I like that her hair, make-up, jewelry and tattoos all match up.  Although I’d imagine if she wanted to change up her color scheme she’d need to take quite a bit of time changing her jewelry and re-dyeing her hair.  In any case, she’s looking good, and wearing her spots proudly.

6 thoughts on “Pink spots

  1. Wow, she’s honestly the first person whose total facial structure augmented by tattoos, piercings, and make-up, actually looks more- or less-than-human. She looks like she could be some kind of human/alien hybrid. It’s really, really cool. Most girls with that typical leopard-spot tattoo on their heads just look like clones, but hers augments her appearance. Love it!

  2. Wow, she is sooooo gorgeous! I wanted leopard spots in my hair since I was 14! hahaha We’ll see what I end up with! haha I’m so happy you posted this! <3

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