Back to 1984

When Jason Stephan’s wife asked him to tattoo her back, it was the first time he’d ever been able to complete a piece of this size on blank skin.  The couple came up with the design together, and the result is fantastic.  Here’s what Jason’s wife had to say about the design:

This piece is the culmination of feelings about many of the issues of today. Some of these issues have come up in the past, most notably in George Orwell’s book “1984″ and so this tattoo could be described as a creative visualization of that novel. The lamb/ human figures are representative of all things that are good and innocent about mankind: curiosity, naivete, kindness, tolerance, etc. The robot is symbolic of all of the forces that corrupt those “good things.” The corrupting forces could be technology, government, greed, etc. On the robot’s screen is a face reminiscent on “Big Brother” in Orwell

Jason works at Loose Screw Tattoo in Richmond, VA.

9 thoughts on “Back to 1984

  1. Jason’s a rad guy, he guest spotted at Starlight when I worked there and I really liked him. I might have to jump down to RVA for a piece by him if I can find any blank spots.

  2. I love it when people engage with literature in such a way that it sparks whole trains of thought. Nineteen Eighty-Four obviously did so for this woman. What better advertisment for a book could you get than a HUGE full-colour backpiece? To those of you who’ve never read any Orwell, read Nineteen Eighty-Four. If you’re not one for books and can only handle a short one, read Animal Farm. Do it!

  3. Love the artwork! It’s incredible the way the robot pops off her back like that. If it were me I’d have it stop pre butt though. Something about all that color just makes it really flat and well not very butt like.

  4. I actually said “wow” out loud when I scrolled down. Nineteen Eighty-Four is one of my favourite books, and this backpiece is incredible.

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